KBDJ, LP Conservation Land and Quarry

  • Challenge:

    KBDJ is a family-owned limestone quarry in Hays County, Texas. The quarry opened in 2004 adjacent to a residential community in a rapidly growing area. Neighbors immediately organized in opposition to the quarry.
  • Strategy:

    KBDJ developed and executed a multi-faceted communications program based on grassroots outreach and stakeholder alliance building. We worked with a county commissioner to facilitate a face-to-face meeting with leaders of the opposition group, which led to the creation of the Hays Quarry Advisory Committee — a forum for neighbors and company representatives to engage in dialogue about quarry operations. KBDJ hosted tours of the quarry for elected officials, community leaders, environmentalists and neighbors. KGBTexas designed and launched a website, haysquarry.com, which gives the public access to maps, permits, water protection plans, blasting schedules, etc.

    In July 2007, with KGBTexas' help, KBDJ entered into a partnership with the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC), which guided KBDJ through the process of enhancing native habitat on the open space outside the quarry's mining limits. The quarry became a certified conservation site in 2008, opening the door for it to become an outdoor classroom for students, educators and environmentalists.

  • Result:

    KBDJ hosts field trips for students and continuing education visits for professional groups. KBDJ won the 2008 Producer of the Year by a national industry publication, the 2009 Good Neighbor Award by a statewide association and was a finalist for the Austin Chamber's 2009 Environmental Award. The media, which had been so hard on KBDJ initially, ran numerous features on what it dubbed the "green quarry."