KGB Dots


Listen like a mom,

Market like a mutha.

An envious portfolio of work, a knack for asking the right questions, and talent for days. Just a few of the things that make our agency tick.


What do you get when you combine some Type-A personalities, serious smarts, quirky perspectives, subject-matter expertise, and borderline-obsessive tenacity? You get this leadership dream team.

Clients / Partners

We’re pretty choosy about the clients we work with and the kind of projects we take on. If we aren’t working with organizations who share our values and focus on making a positive impact in our community, then why get out of bed? Whether we partner with a client to advance a cause like recycling, generate commerce by expanding a retail footprint or revitalize the urban core with the largest bond in a city’s history, we truly excel when the work we do has consequence in the community.