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  • 5 Social Media Sites to Watch in 2021

    Social media evolves so frequently, knowing which platforms best reach your target audiences is a challenge. Of the dozens of sites considered “ones to watch” this year, we culled the list to our recommended five.

  • The Relevant Brand

    One day, everything was business as usual. The next, it was anything but that. Over the course of a year, our relationship with the world around us changed. This included our relationships with the brands we allow to be part of our universe, those most relevant to our daily lives. Prophet, a digital consultancy and […]

  • The Influencer

    Influencers have been a thing for longer than the term itself. What may have started as a marketing trend has become standard operating procedure for many brands, with good reason. HD: Are Influencers SOP? Maybe you’re old enough to remember when Joe DiMaggio became Mr. Coffee. Maybe you saw Farrah Fawcett sell shaving cream, shampoo, […]

  • Building a Brand That Everyone Loves

    Customers pay attention to how companies treat their employees. If an employee is treated well, the customer believes they are likely to be treated well.

  • Why Data Storytelling?

    In an era of seemingly endless streams of data coming our way, data storytelling has become more essential than ever. After all, we remember stories, not spreadsheets. The information has meaning and value when it is memorable, personal and impactful. Read our latest blog to learn how you can leverage data storytelling to shape your company’s narrative and make it easier to engage others.

  • Brands’ Survival and Success in 2020

    Things became more digital in 2020, and it’s already changing the future of business. Has your Brands’ Survival and Success in 2020 changed?

  • Branding in the Public Sector

    In many areas, a public sector brand doesn’t face competition, so it doesn’t really need to sell itself. Rather, the brand needs to be what the community needs. Still there are challenges to building and marketing public sector brands. Our latest blog explores how public sector brands can better market their purpose, with examples demonstrated by our own clients amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Advertising During A Pandemic – Your Brand on Purpose

    Companies that have a clear understanding of why they exist can make better decisions about which actions to prioritize at any given moment. That’s particularly valuable in a crisis. Learn the value of leading your brand with purpose in our latest blog!

  • Future-Proof Businesses Led by Values.

    Product matters, but building a brand that is the heartbeat of a neighborhood or one admired around the world takes something more. And you won’t find it in a textbook or in an article on best practices. In part one of this two-part series, we’re going to visit a local brand and then compare at a global scale.

  • Company Culture? Here’s Where To Start.

    A company’s internal culture influences its brand as much as its customer’s perspective. So, it’s imperative that company leadership spend just as much time and effort listening to their own team members as they do their customers. Our latest blog explores how employers can achieve effective branding by listening to- and engaging with their employees.