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  • PR & Marketing Insights: Week of June 22-26

    Just when you think some sense of normalcy is on the horizon, the world proves you wrong. As we ride the roller coaster, one of the best things we can do for ourselves and others — besides wearing a mask — is to keep learning. I hope you find this week’s marketing, advertising and public relations information insightful.

  • Social Media Day 2020 Agency Picks

    In honor of Social Media Day 2020, we asked our Papa John’s team to share some of their favorite client work. We’ve been partnering with local Papa John’s branches on social media for the past few years and have always loved how creative we can get with their content and campaigns (the pizza perks aren’t bad either). This blog features a list of the account team’s top picks!

  • Taking Stock of Our Worldcom Public Relations Partnership

    Our more than 25-year history of exceptional service, creative solutions and successful public relations, marketing and advertising campaigns enabled us to join Worldcom, an exclusive, worldwide partnership of agencies in 114 cities across six continents that collaborates on projects by providing unique subject-matter expertise. In our latest blog, we take stock of the many advantages this partnership has brought our agency amid a rapidly-changing world.

  • PR & Marketing Insights: Week of June 15-19

    Nationwide, even amid incredible turbulence, businesses are seeing signs of growth and, in some cases, rebirth. We are at the half-way mark of the year, and it is certainly safe to say 2020 is shaping up to be a time of incredible change and challenge. Navigating the delicate landscape is more difficult than ever. Our latest blog includes information on the latest PR and marketing insights for this week!

  • Brands Respond to Racial Injustice

    In times of great change and significance, it’s always interesting to watch how not only individuals but also brands react, because consumers fully expect a brand to indeed have a reaction. However, when consumer sentiment varies, such as with social justice issues, generally out of a great deal of caution and apprehension brands often remain silent. Until now.

  • New Influencers Emerge Amid COVID-19

    Since the onslaught of COVID-19, we’re seeing the tide turning on who we recognize as an influencer. In what used to be a sea of celebrities, essential workers and everyday heroes are now being praised as the “new influencer”. Our latest blog shares perspective on this shift of honoring the people, skills and talent that are arguably truly worthwhile as a welcome change. Plus the ways it might and already is influencing marketing strategy. Learn more!

  • PR & Marketing Insights: Week of 5/11-5/15/20

    Businesses are opening up in phases, consumers are emerging from stay-at-home orders, and both are following social distancing and the CDC’s guidelines. While our “new normal” is emerging in some areas of the country, others remain locked down. Nonetheless, change is happening. Read our latest blog for new marketing research data that indicates what consumers are doing and how our collective expectations of behavior are evolving amid COVID-19.

  • PR & Marketing Insights: Week of April 27-May 5, 2020

    Today many of us stand on the precipice of our local economies re-opening, but what kind of market are we re-opening to? The pandemic has also prompted a new perspective on brand purpose and opened up a (missed?) opportunity for technology to be one helpful step ahead of the consumer. But will these outcomes have a long-term, lasting effect? Read our latest blog to learn more!

  • Managing Crisis Communications During COVID-19

    While we’re in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis and managing communications accordingly, we can’t lose sight of what changes or “new normal” may be on the horizon that our messaging will need to address. Think of it as crisis communications planning while experiencing a crisis. In our latest blog, we discuss the importance of being proactive in crisis planning and staying 10 steps ahead in your brand’s communications strategy. Read to learn more!

  • Moving From Crisis to Hope & Recovery

    Now that a global pandemic has uprooted every facet of our lives, each of us is finding it necessary to pivot and adapt to the new ways we live, work and play. In our latest blog, we look ahead to how we can be proactive in serving the future needs of businesses and brands once we return to a semblance of normalcy. Read now to learn more!