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Using Chatbots in Marketing to Broaden Reach & Engage

As chatbots continue to rise in popularity, many marketers are starting to wonder how they can integrate this artificial intelligence tool into their strategy plans. In our latest blog, we provide a quick overview on the benefits and various uses of chatbots.

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How to Identify & Integrate Micro-Influencers with Your Marketing Strategy

KGBTexas has several years of experience working with micro-influencers, and we’ve learned they can be difficult to identify if you don’t approach the task with a specific strategy for their engagement. As with any solid marketing approach, influencer marketing requires thought, research and defined expectations. Once a brand’s goals and expected outcomes are established, the bulk of the work begins. Learn about the four key questions we ask ourselves, as we research influencers and narrow our selections.

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Boycotts and Brands in Public Relations

The social activism stratagem isn’t new; boycotts have been the choice of consumers who want to voice their opinions via their pocketbooks for as long as brands have existed. But in today’s hyper-connected world, the impact a boycott can have on a brand has grown exponentially. One misstep can lead to an avalanche of protest – both on- and off-line – that can wreak havoc on a brand’s reputation, not to mention its bottom line.

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