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  • How to Identify & Integrate Micro-Influencers with Your Marketing Strategy

    KGBTexas has several years of experience working with micro-influencers, and we’ve learned they can be difficult to identify if you don’t approach the task with a specific strategy for their engagement. As with any solid marketing approach, influencer marketing requires thought, research and defined expectations. Once a brand’s goals and expected outcomes are established, the bulk of the work begins. Learn about the four key questions we ask ourselves, as we research influencers and narrow our selections.

  • Boycotts and Brands in Public Relations

    The social activism stratagem isn’t new; boycotts have been the choice of consumers who want to voice their opinions via their pocketbooks for as long as brands have existed. But in today’s hyper-connected world, the impact a boycott can have on a brand has grown exponentially. One misstep can lead to an avalanche of protest – both on- and off-line – that can wreak havoc on a brand’s reputation, not to mention its bottom line.