KGB Dots


Always Thirsty

We work across from a former brewery and meet in conference rooms named Keg, Case and Pint. Little wonder that we host a regular happy hour. To make our Thirsty Thursdays, we mix 40+ employees with a seasonal theme and salt the rim with gritos. Mandatory fun? Bottoms up!

Give As Good As We Got

San Antonio and Houston have been good to us. To give back, we created KGBCares. It’s the agency’s feel-good department. We raise money for the United Way, partner with SAWORKS to connect high schoolers to job opportunities, and work with the Food Bank to provide for those in need. We also give every employee a couple of paid hours each month so they can contribute their time and talent to the nonprofits they care about. When we advocate for positive consequences in our communities, we walk the talk.

The Point

It’s in our nature to be curious. So, it’s only natural that we regularly check in with local movers and shakers to get the scoop on what’s shaping the city. We share it on thePoint.


For issues that impact our great state, we host KGBriefings. It’s an opportunity for stakeholders in our community to listen to and ask questions of those making Texas policy. We like to think of it as two-way conversation two-step.