KGB Dots

Our Story

Not long after college,

Katie launched her public relations agency.

Bold move for a 24-year-old. She gave it her initials and soon made a name for herself. Clients came quickly and business grew. When they asked for public affairs, social media and advertising help, she grew that expertise, too.

Today, we’re a diverse team of experts.

We share Katie’s entrepreneurial spark and burning curiosity. We’re good at asking why, and even better at asking why not.

That attitude has taken us far.

We’ve built a portfolio of Fortune 500 companies, start-ups and nonprofits. We’ve grown beyond San Antonio, and set up a second shop in Houston. We’ve made national headlines for local clients, branded San Antonio’s epic 300th birthday and passed a billion-dollar city bond. After 25 years, we’ve gotten pretty good at producing work that creates fans of brands and makes a difference in communities.

The flip side to all that hard work?

A keen strategy for staying loose. We march in Fiesta parades, volunteer at rescue shelters, and cheer on the Spurs, Astros and fútbol teams. We find it keeps our eyes focused, our minds open and our agency ready for whatever’s next.