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PR & Marketing Insights: Week of May 11-15, 2020

PR & Marketing Insights: Week of May 11-15, 2020

Businesses are opening up in phases, consumers are emerging from stay-at-home orders, and both are following social distancing and the CDC’s guidelines. While our “new normal” is emerging in some areas of the country, others remain locked down. Nonetheless, change is happening. This week I want to share with you new marketing research data that indicates what consumers are doing and how our collective expectations of behavior are evolving amid COVID-19. As always, I hope you find this information interesting and helpful and you enjoy your weekend.
– Katie

COVID-19 Continues to Affect Consumer Behavior

As the situation continues to unfold rapidly and change on a weekly basis, Shopkick and Trax joined forces. They analyzed the shifts in behavior over two months to uncover key insights for brands and retailers. Answers to pressing questions include:

  • Are consumers using new channels to shop as the pandemic intensifies?
  • How are growing safety concerns impacting trip frequency and basket size?
  • Is the economic crisis changing consumer attitudes toward non-essential spending?
  • How has panic buying affected inventory levels from month to month, and state to state?

Read the full report here.

Marketers Using Pinterest to Find COVID-19 Hobbies

As people DIY their way through the COVID-19 crisis, Pinterest search data is helping marketers predict consumers’ mindsets. Search data on the image-sharing platform show how hobbies, interests, and plans have shifted through various stages of self-isolation. “It’s like this manifestation of ideas and an ideal state,” said Peter Chun, senior Vice President and global head of partnerships and growth at VaynerMedia. “It’s like a utopian view of a post-COVID world. And from a marketer’s standpoint, it’s actually a really good way to probably coordinate where consumer spend will ultimately get to.”

Consumer Behavior & Perception During COVID-19

From a series of questions asked all over the US between April 29 and May 1, NuVoodoo compiled consumer expectations from businesses as the economy starts to reopen. This includes the feelings about types of ads brands are using during this time and the activities people are most prepared to resume. View a larger image of the results here.


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