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Three Questions Brands Must Answer

Today’s Best Brands Answer Three Questions For Success

“Make the first move.” It’s a clever tagline that sums up how a woman can differentiate the Bumble dating app from any other. It speaks to something larger — brand innovators must do this successfully. Here are three questions that today’s best brands answer for success.

What Can Your Brand Uniquely Offer?

There are plenty of dating apps, but until Bumble, none gave women control of the first interaction with possible matches. However, being able to see who’s interesting, and making the first move has to lead to something.

What Do People Want From A Brand?

Many women had grown wary of dating apps and the culture of online dating. They wanted a safer way to consider a possible romantic connection, one that gave them more control of the experience.

Then COVID-19 happened and suspended in-person connections for a while. No more meeting that new person for coffee or going to dinner. Now what? People still want to get to know one another.

What Does The World Need That Your Brand Can Provide Successfully?

Brands scrambling to adapt has become almost cliché during the recent pandemic-born economic recession. Often, brand efforts have felt like thinly veiled attempts to extract value by exploiting the customer’s situation instead of determining ways to enrich the lives of those they serve.

Bumble understood that there was a higher-level-need to be met — the need to facilitate healthy connections, whether on the app or off. Instead of insisting users just “figure it out”, Bumble moved to enable the many ways people now connect — including face-to-face — within the app.

Your Answers Are Your Way Forward

The best brands succeed through difficult times because they sense and serve deeper human needs. They embrace the context and contradictions — for example, we want to be together, but we can’t — inherent in today’s society.

Great brands make the right moves because they know what the customer is experiencing and how they uniquely align with that. You might call it a match.


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