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Baylor St Luke’s

Baylor St Luke's

Foresight brought a community need into sharp focus.

Texas has the largest medical center in the world, home to an elite group of world-class health care providers in Houston and throughout the region. In a place where excellence is commonplace, it’s the insight of an organization’s leadership that makes a difference. And it was the pandemic that shone a light on CHI St. Luke’s Health.

While COVID cases tapped out hospitals throughout the region, patients with non-emergent issues – even critical procedures like transplants — were left in limbo. No one knew when there would be the time or resources for their procedures. Fortunately, the St. Luke’s leadership team had the foresight to completely close one of its hospitals to COVID-19 cases, meaning teams were able to continue to safely conduct urgent elective surgeries, such as transplants, and create a plan to phase in non-urgent elective surgeries.

Strategically positioning the hospital’s dedication to transplant services and innovations was critical as we helped them navigate the media and develop messaging surrounding the hospital’s compliance with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services for its heart transplant program. This approach to continuing to provide world-class care for more standard procedures proved unique. We shared compelling stories highlighting physicians and patient perspectives with the media, which served not only to share that CHI St. Luke’s took steps to provide community care outside of the pandemic. Our messaging approach also positioned the system as the primary voice for the importance for not delaying care during the pandemic.