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CPS Energy

CPS Energy is a powerhouse, locally and nationally, with powerful stories to share.

Power In The People

The largest municipally owned utility has powered San Antonio for more than 150 years. To celebrate that milestone – and the 75 th anniversary of city ownership – company leaders wanted to focus on “People First.”

We created “The Power to Dream” to bring CPS Energy’s “People First” focus to life. Through video we shared the personal stories of employees and customers with dreams big and small, and how CPS Energy helped bring their dreams to light.

Adding a human aspect to an otherwise utilitarian utility demonstrated, as one frontline employee described, “Not only are we providing literal power for people to achieve their dreams, there’s also power in telling people that their dreams are valid.”

The final advertising campaign resulted in a combination of video, TV, print, out-of-home, and digital media marketing.

CPS Energy Power To Dream
CPS Energy Power To Dream
CPS Energy Power To Dream

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