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PJ’s COVID sales

A recipe for success

When our communities felt the heavy weight of stay-at-home orders during the onset of COVID-19, restaurants began to pivot to offer delivery and curbside pick-up. However, Papa John’s Pizza was already there, equipped as it always has been to deliver some of America’s favorite comfort food safely.

Because Papa John’s San Antonio stores didn’t have to spend energy changing their business model, they were able to focus on the safety message that customers most wanted to hear: the Papa John’s process – from pizza to door – was touchless, as affirmed by each box’s Quality Seal.

Amid a volatile environment, the company was grateful that sales remained strong. More importantly, Papa John’s was able to continue to support the communities it serves and reliably deliver a piece of familiarity that in some ways was a lifeline to normalcy in a time that was anything but normal.

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