KGB Dots

VIA It’s So Easy

When the going got tough, it was easy to keep going.

The global COVID pandemic led to a steep drop in ridership for transit authorities around the country. In a matter of days, people retreated from public spaces, only emerging when necessary.

When San Antonio began to recover, and people were once again on the move, VIA knew it would need to encourage lapsed riders to return and show potential customers how easy it is to use public transportation. As an essential-services provider during the pandemic with a strong focus on service continuity and public health, VIA also knew that it wanted to share a sense of optimism and a message of hope with the community.

We tapped into uniquely local nostalgia and rekindled memories of an original VIA jingle, but updated with additional new lyrics and a blast of optimism. Using bright color and movement to bring San Antonio to life as it emerged from the pandemic, the multi-channel It’s So Easy campaign has helped set the tone for a city on the move once again.